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An engaging, fun & evidenced based program, giving children & adults the toolkit to significantly improve their wellbeing. Fun. Interactive. Safe. Inspiring. Science-based. Mindfulness. Positive Psychology.


'Project Happiness' is a unique and inspiring 9 week course that explores social and emotional learning. The course is intended for people of all backgrounds and the well-being of people of all ages, particularly those who would like to live a happier, more inspired life and see a more positive and caring society.

The 9 week workshop teaches lifelong skills that influence the happiness and develop Social & Emotional Learning competencies for primary through to high school-age children..

By acting as compassionate companions and sharing loss experiences with children and teens, we help them make sense out of an upheaval in their lives. We help them avoid behaviors that are harmful to themselves and others. By allowing youth to mourn, we enable them to reconcile their loss, ensuring that they become healthy, productive members of our communities.

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs):

Death Separation/Divorce Incarceration Deportation Deployment Significant Illness


*Provide actionable coping strategies

*Help re-establish a sense of community

*Empower youth to help themselves and to help others

*Provide resources

*Build resilience



We deliver a fun, interactive, evidence-based curriculum tailored specifically to children’s age groups. In addition to addressing their grief from specific ACEs or losses, Rainbows helps build the resiliency of children experiencing life-altering events by providing them with knowledge, tools and skills to practice self-care and learn healthy ways to cope. Peer support helps them feel less alone and provides them with support. 


More than 50 million children in the U.S. (68%) have experienced at least one potentially traumatic event, and more than half have encountered multiple incidents. Rainbows’ secular program is inclusive of all children from any background, and the support groups are always free of charge to attend.


Sample Meeting title: Endings and Beginnings Level: Rainbows II


Children are encouraged to gently close the door on the past and look towards their new beginnings. As a way of getting acquainted, each participant will be asked to share one "not so good" (something negative) and one "super good" (something positive) that happened since the group was together last.



Children will read words that describe Endings and Beginnings. They will circle the ones that match their own endings and draw a box around those that match their own beginnings. They will answer questions such as, "How have you moved forward after the changes in your life?"



Children will sort through "memories" and "dreams" cards. They will choose a card that fits one of their own memories and one of their own dreams, and they will be encouraged to tell the group why they chose those cards. Children will also have blank cards to write personal memories and dreams. As the grieving child works through the emotional pain towards acceptance of the changes in their life, he/she will come to realize that, while sadness is an emotion of endings, it is also an emotion that can help make way for new beginnings.

"Katie has worked hard in implementing our curriculum within her sphere of influence, through her infectious spirit and her work ethic. We are excited to continue our relationship with her, and hope to build out a robust program with Katie as our exemplar."​ 

Brook Dorff, MA, CHES Director of Programs and Development for Charity Project Happiness.


"My son Harlee's has ASD and really struggles with his emotions and moods. I can honestly say that you and your group have influenced him greatly. He is a much happier and positive person, I have notice a great improvement  with his outlook on life. He still has his bad days but now I have the tools you have taught us in group to help him. He has even said to me when he's upset that he needs to go to the happiness group to sort himself out.  I also take Harlee's sister along Bessie,  which has been a great learning curve for her. She is only 7 so she's to young to understand Harlee's difficulties at the moment but she now helps me a lot with him, she can talk him down when he's anxious and very often uses the 'fill your bucket' technique to make him smile and laugh.  We've all gained so much from your time and knowledge not to mention a good friend we can all rely on when in need. Thankyou so much." Michelle Cann, Harlee's Mum

PROJECT HAPPINESS, is a really exciting way of engaging children, young people and parents. Rather than concentrating on the problems, Katie guides everyone through a highly interactive process that celebrates the positives in their lives and makes them smile. Everyone who has taken part in the course has come out really motivated and feeling as though they can take on the world. Katie is a very inspirational person who translates some of the challenges she has faced into friendly and accessible format that puts everyone at ease and encourages them to take time to think about the things that make them happy.” 

Dave McNicoll, Chief Executive of Youth Zone.


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Coronavirus quarantine. Stay home
girl and her dog in glasses reading a bo
Smiling indian latin deaf disabled child
Mother working from home with kids