• Adopt Frieda, the leader of the donkeys, protector, loyal and devoted mother to Sunny.  Frieda came to us last year with her little boy Sunny at one week old.  Frieda has lived in at least 6 homes and we are happy and grateful that Frieda and Sunny will live out their days together at Amitola Care Farm. 

    Frieda has a special place in our hearts.  We tell her every day how much she is loved and that she will be with us forever.
    Adopt Frieda and you get a new best friend and you also help others, the perfect circle of generosity.

    If you choose to contribute $75 or more per month towards our cause of housing therapy donkeys, dogs, cats and other farm animals to support vulnerable women and children with animal assisted therapy, you will have access to exclusive photos of the animals! NOTE: Any amount donated is tax deductible due to No Rain, No Rainbows being a 501c3 nonprofit organization.

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