Adopt a new best friend! Adopt Matilda the Unicorn and Clarence her best friend and donkey in shinning armor. 

Clarence lived the first year of his life alone.  Matilda was bought to keep him company and they have been inseperable ever since.  We first heard about them when they were being sold at auction and risked being seperated.  Thanks to a kind hearted soul named Kathy we got to hear about their story and wanted to give them a forever home.

We love them living here, they are such a gift.  Matilda is gentle, kind, a little nervous and looks to Clarence for confidence, company and protection.  Clarence is a gentle giant, protective, kind, loving and devoted to Matilda.  It really is a love story.

Sponsor Matilda and Clarence and know that you have two beautiful new friends and that your kindness also helps others.  How perfect.  The circle of generosity. 

Adopt Matilda the Unicorn and her best friend, Clarence

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$100.00monthly/ auto-renew