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The Unicorns Made Me Do It! Actually is was a Rainbow:)

I'm very happy. Super Happy. H A P P Y with a capitol 'H' . I am no web designer, so building my new website has taken me far longer than your average web designer, but I don't mind at at all because I've really LOVED the process and I am now excited to share, IT'S LIVE!

It's been tremendous fun taking time to really explore my Purpose and Passion for the launch of Healing With Love. In the last 6 months I've felt my life moving forwards at quite a pace, the Katie I was a few months ago feels different to the Katie that writes these words today. I'm enjoying the growth. The expansion. I'm out of my comfort zone. Living in a new country away from all things familiar, yet it feels exciting. An adventure. I'm open to the growth and the twists and turns. I'm trusting. I have met wonderful people. In stark contrast to last year the doors are opening and I'm bouncing through them with a brave optimism. Flipping the knocks and rejections as gifts and learning to use them as a spring board to move forwards. I feel deep gratitude for the wonderful brothers and sisters on my path. Expansive, brave souls pushing forwards, taking risks, collaborating, sharing, excited by the connections being made, learning from each other, much laughter and enjoying the magnificent unfolding of life.

It's interesting when we become curious about our lives. When we take the time to ask ourselves what would we most like to do? What lights us up? What makes our heart feel full? Butterfly Bellies? What makes us wake early in the morning with the excitement to start a new day? If you are reading this and that's not where you are at, then maybe nows a good time to grab a notebook, pen and find a quiet place to curl up with yourself and get curious about your passions, purpose and visualize your world of possibilities.

I've realized over the last few months that my heart is deeply moved by a Rainbow. The colors, energy, mysticism, prophecies and sheer magic that a Rainbow stirs in my heart has inspired me to use it as the foundation in my work. It first started in 2007 when I was given a plaque in Hospital that read, "No Rain, No Rainbows," after being physically assaulted. That inspired me to start an organization supporting women affected by physical abuse. No Rain, No Rain, No Rainbows.Org brought incredible gifts to my life and I hope to the hundreds of incredibly brave women who attended the workshops.

I'm excited to share a little part of my world with you. I would love you to visit my new Website which is now live at...

The Unicorns Made Me Do It!!! Healing With Love Now Live & Taking Bookings!

I'm now available for personal sessions at the gorgeous studio, OM HOME or by Skype if distance is an issue.

I'll be releasing workshop dates for Healing With Love, Love Your Body, Sacred Breath & Cacao & Project Happiness by the end of the week which is super exciting, I can't wait to get started.

If you are struggling financially but in need of some guidance, please message.