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What is Rainbow Soul Vibrations?

Updated: May 8, 2019

What are Rainbow Soul Vibrations? Among the Seven Universal Laws of Success is the third law of success, the Law of Vibration. The Law of Vibration states that everything that exists is pure energy, vibrating at various frequencies, all the time. Everything moves and vibrates! This law is immutable! All living matter is vibration, including you and I. Our thoughts and emotions are living matter, as well. Our thoughts and emotions are ever-moving and since they are part of our psyche (soul), we consider them to be soul vibrations.

Rainbow Soul Vibrations

Researchers agree that we can control our mental and emotional vibrations at will. We simply have to change the frequency of these vibrations. Our negative thoughts, emotions and attitudes are usually considered to reflect lower frequency vibration, while higher frequencies are connected to more positive thoughts, emotions, and attitudes.

Everything that we experience through our five senses is conveyed through vibrations. At any given time, we are employing one or more of our five senses. In creating art, a number of our senses are employed, integratively, thus raising the frequency of vibrations. Thus the process of art-making, is one of the best ways to raise the level of vibration frequency and in turn raise our spirits. Consider this: The soul speaks a language all its own through our five senses. We use our senses to make art (ie. Various art modalities)! We think of our soul as an expression of our thoughts and emotions. There are many hidden messages and insights contained in our soul. The knowledge concerning our entire essence, and our perceptions of the world around us is all contained in the soul. This knowledge can be communicated, through our art making. Through the expressive arts, we can learn to access this knowledge, heed and interpret those messages on our own. We can control disturbing emotions, so that they no longer cause us dis-ease, stress or create problems for us. In essence, that is the healing power and strength of the role of the expressive arts in the process of art making, transformation and change.

Neither our thoughts, emotions, or our souls are unilateral, or one-dimensional. They consist of many levels, dimensions, and colors like the colors of the rainbow. Thus, we, here at our company, prefer to think of the work that we do with the expressive arts, in helping participants to heal, find clarity and insight, as healing our Rainbow Soul Vibrations with a rainbow of expressive arts; a rainbow of healing arts.

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