September New Moon in Libra

This month's theme is Restoring Balance: I heal the masculine and feminine within.

This theme goes to the heart of humanity -- the root of separation that can only be healed with harmony, balance, and a remembrance of our oneness. A revival of equal love and honor for the feminine and the masculine is needed now more than ever. Yet to achieve this unity, we must look within and choose to heal these two polarities within ourselves. Both the masculine and the feminine essence lives in all people, regardless of gender. As such, men, women, and all people play a part in bringing forth true harmony, wholeness, and the flourishing of the feminine essence on our planet. If we wish to create a truly balanced and a just world, we all need to heal.

To understand this theme, it is essential to recognize that the patriarchal model has created millions of men and women who live disconnected from themselves and each other. For millennia, women have been rising within a system that wasn’t built to value feminine principles or even to recognize the importance of feminine qualities.

As a result, many women continue to prove that we can do anything men can do, and while raising children, running marathons, rising in the business world, or taking care of a home. But at what cost? In doing all this, have women also sacrificed their most powerful feminine qualities to fit into a masculine world?

Was this sacrificed in order for women to survive in the masculine world -- to be acknowledged, to deserve a seat at the table, to be seen as capable, and when given the opportunity to speak, to be truly listened to? It is time to heal this divide so that we can all rise together. What our planet is calling out, for now, is a revival of the feminine essence, which truly is community-oriented. It is inclusive, intuitive, abundant, compassionate, and empathetic. It recognizes the power of emotional intelligence, the resilience of interconnectedness, and the value of rest and reflection. These harmonize with a healthy masculine essence: one that is linear, structure and rule-based, direct, analytical, and asserts itself to create balance, health, and wholeness.

If we take men and women out of the equation, it is easy to see that the feminine traits within our world and world systems have been subjugated, while masculine traits have been exalted. This is a root cause of imbalance in our world. And that is why this theme is so relevant and so needed: it is time to heal, to rise, and to truly find balance.

Tips To Align Your Feminine and Masculine Energies:

In order to balance the masculine and feminine energy on our planet, we each must heal and balance the masculine and feminine within ourselves.

The patriarchy is an oppressive system that exalts masculine qualities over the feminine. For example, it promotes greed over sharing, competition over cooperation, individuals over communities, and separation over oneness. To bring our world into balance, we need a remembrance of the power and beauty of the feminine

Many women feel the need to repress their feminine qualities and only show masculine qualities to progress or succeed in this masculine system

To bring our world back into balance, it is important to remember not to blame or shame men. We can choose to rise through the feminine principles of compassion, forgiveness, empathy, and emotional intelligence.

Balancing Relationships:

We learn about the masculine and the feminine first through our mother and father, and we learn about relationships through our mother and father's relationship

Your relationship is either fueling your goals or your wounds. If you find yourself in a woundship, it is important to look at the balance of masculine and feminine energy within you, and to look at your relationship with your parents.

A woman's relationship with her father is usually a direct mirror of her relationship with men and with the masculine.

A woman's relationship with her mother is usually a direct mirror of her relationship with women and with the feminine.

If there is a pattern repeating itself in any of your relationships, look to the wounds you may have around your relationship with your parents, and how their relationship impacted you.