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Moon Milk

The moon is currently in Taurus which is ruled by the thyroid gland. It is a time for surrender and rest. No more action, thinking or planning is required - just relax and trust in the process. Let your mind be still and allow the universe to take over:)

Your thyroid is responsible for regulating hormones, metabolism, heart rate and so much more, it deserves some love and kindness! Healthy eating, avoiding toxins (especially smoking) and getting enough sleep are some of the top things to keep our thyroid happy.

If sleep is one of the things you need to improve then treat yourself to this sleep ritual for the next 3-5 nights.

Sipping a cup of golden moon milk is a great addition to your night time ritual. It is made with turmeric, which has a host of health benefits, and ashwagandha, a stress-fighting herb which is known to promote sleep. It is warm and soothing, and will help to quieten a noisy head before bed. All the perfect ingredients and magic before we welcome the New Moon in Gemini tomorrow.