Join 'Rainbows' on her journey!

It’s been quite the journey the last few years. It takes time to adjust to a new country and longer to build a network and put foundations in place to do what you love. On July 31st, last year, No Rain, No Rainbows launched as a 501(c)3, there’s been much happening behind the scenes to prepare us for launch. I couldn’t do any of this without support, partners, collaborations and the best of friends who have listened, supported and encouraged; Johnny’s been phenomenally instrumental, working tirelessly to put the infrastructure in place and then we have two new incredible board members, gifted in their day jobs and then gifting NRNR their time, all of this, donations and the support of you, moves NRNR Vision forwards, step by step, it is fast becoming a reality.

Over the last month NRNR began building Amitola Farm, Amitola is Native American for ‘Rainbow.’ We have been working non stop putting in 165 x 8ft fence posts, top rails, 250 bags of concrete, 22gallons of wood stain, electric fencing, building a Donkey Barn, and then there is all the necessary back of house work to make it happen.

Animals have been my favorite since a child. The unconditional love, cuddles and companionship is magical and has enriched my life in ways that words cannot explain. Many of us feel a connection to animals in ways that touch our hearts and help us navigate the stormy days a little easier.

It’s more than a dream come true to build and birth Amitola Farm, there is more need than ever to launch our Programs with Animal Assisted Therapy, offering connection during uncertain and challenging times. With over 35,000 children in the Foster Care System and over 10,000 women cared for in Shelters in Indiana, our focus will be delivering connection, compassion, creativity, most of all donkey cuddles, when most needed.

The picture below is of a 21inch miniature donkey who arrives with her Mum this Wednesday. Join us on the journey and be one of the first to adopt little Rainbows. No Rain, No Rainbows has established a partnership with Pet Partners to deliver our Animal Assisted Therapy, little Rainbows and her Mum, Angel Face, will be registered after certifying as a Therapy Donkeys. They will then be insured for outreach programs, schools, faith groups, non profit organizations and hugs!

We are just beginning and would love you to join us on this journey!

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