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No Rain, No Rainbows launches Programs in Indianapolis

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

Learning how to Heal With Love by Katie Wyatt - Founder of ‘No Rain, No Rainbows.’

Katie believes in the ‘healing power of love,’ and has seen it work it’s miracles time and time again. In 2015, Katie founded, 'No Rain, No Rainbows,' an organization that offers programs to encourage women to share time together, promoting a deep connection to themselves, their wisdom as a women, and their place in the world with their sisters and community.

When Katie discovered Project Happiness she immediately reached out and connected to founder, Randy Taran and Brook Dorff, Director of Programs. Project Happiness social and emotional resilience programs were educational, colorful, inspiring, a perfect addition to the programs already being offered by “No Rain, No Rainbows.”

Excited and honored to become the first UK Ambassador, Katie and her team began delivering Teacher Training Programs and Workshops to organizations supporting vulnerable children affected by abuse, with a particular focus towards Womens Refuge’s, Schools, Non Profits and Youth organizations across the North West of England, enabling Healing With Love to touch hundreds of individuals.

Since recently moving to the United States, Katie is now keen to connect and introduce No Rain, No Rainbows Programs to non-profit organizations, schools, community and faith groups with a particular focus towards vulnerable women and children. The vision for 'No Rain, No Rainbows,' is to hold women and children in a safe, supported and compassionate environment, to bring love to those who are disadvantaged, lonely or do not feel enough.

If you or an organization you are connected with would like to know more about the 'No Rain, No Rainbows Programs, Workshops and upcoming Rainbow Ministry Teepee Retreats, then please reach out and connect so we can explore how we can work together.

With Love


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