Adding dimensions to how you see yourself ❤️🌈🕊

How you see yourself reflects the quality of your life, and the way it is either progressing or regressing. In your mind, each moment, your thinking and awareness are making or breaking your life and it’s potential.

Here, in the activity of your mind, is the image you have of yourself, are you more geared towards success and happiness, or failure and frustration?

The most magical part of this is choosing the frequencies and colors we wish to omit and therefore attract back into our lives 💡🌈

If we visualize our thoughts and awareness as beams of light, different colors and frequencies, radiating out to others, and attracting back the likeness of those thoughts, then we consciously become the conductors of our experiences and the world we live in.

Visualize yourself as a lighthouse 💡 then imagine your thoughts. Are they sending out high frequency, rainbow beams of light, energies that attract positive people, situations, experiences who help advance your life, or are they more negative, darker shades of low vibrational energy that will have the opposite effect, attracting negative people, situations and experiences that can only hinder you?

Hence, within the mind, our thoughts and awareness either enhance or detract from our lives, it’s the lighthouse, Aladdin’s lamp to a better life!

I would love to share with you an Activity Visualization, it’s simple in practice, yet can bring extra dimensions of positive thought energy to your mind and awareness.

You can apply it throughout each day, in everything you do, it’s likely that many of you do this already and that these words are a gentle reminder to consciously create and send out our rainbow beams;)

Utilizing this practice for every activity within your day greatly increases its effectiveness.

Below I’ve put a few affirmations that you can read and see which ones connect for you to affirm into your subconscious mind each day.

“Throughout each moment of each day of my life, every time I see a healthy person, I will SEE myself as having the same kind of health, energy, vitality, joy.”

“Throughout each moment of each day of my life, every time I see a person who knows love in her life, I will SEE myself in my own mind as a person who is experiencing love in my life.”

“Throughout each moment of each day of my life, I consciously and subconsciously, visualize myself as a person who thinks, acts, and feels as a person with a wonderful life.”

“Throughout each moment of each day of my life, in everything I am doing, I visualize it as being done by the INNER LIGHT through me ( Higher Self, God, Universe, Great Spirit.)”

“With every breath I breathe each day of my life, my subconscious mind accepts a visual picture of me as a healthy, loved, prosperous, fulfilled and happy person.”

“With every heartbeat 💓 each day of my life, my subconscious mind accepts a visual picture of myself as a person of radiant health, financial wealth, fulfillment and happiness.”

And so it is.

And so it shall be.

With LOVE ❤️💛💚💜💙🌈

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