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A little tale about Turtle Medicine

💗🐢Yesterday as I gazed out of our kitchen window admiring the rich green blanket of grass, darkened by the morning dew and stormy clouds above, I noticed something moving slowly and hurried to see if it was another injured animal, I was relieved and grateful to realize it was a large Snapper Turtle making it’s journey back to the lake.

Metaphysically the Turtles energies are said to merge with the moon, they have 13 parts to their shell, one for each lunar phase. For this reason the Turtle’s shell symbolizes yearly cycles, the mysteries and the Divine feminine. They say that each shell is unique, Turtle is also the symbol of the primal mother.

🙏🐢Whenever an animal or bird crosses our path it carries with it a gift, a message, something to guide us on our journey, so I was curious to learn more about Turtle Medicine.

Turtle is the gatekeeper for ancient knowledge, they lived for over a 100 years and roamed the Earth when it was a 100 million years young, the Turtle has been a symbol for Mother Earth, for the awakening to heightened senses. For the Turtle there is always time. The Turtle is a reminder for us to stay true to our path. This feels a timely reminder as many of us are at home, encouraged to use this time for introspection, reflection, planning, visualizing our dreams, the lives we wish to live and the world we wish to live in.

The Turtle looks wise, I imagine the lines on its shell holding a thousand stories, asking us how we can be wise and navigate these current challenges, trusting and practicing patience as we do so? Because of it’s great age and it’s slow metabolism, the Turtle is also associated with longevity. It does not move fast. It is as if, on some level, Turtle knows it has all the time in the world. Turtle medicine can teach new perceptions about time and our relationship with it. Is life becoming too hectic? Are we not taking time for ourselves? Are we so busy that we can’t really see what is going on? Are we going so slow that we need to pick up the pace a little? What brings your heart joy that you crave more time for? Turtle can help you to decide. Use Turtle Medicine to create the space and gift of time to realize your dreams and creative passions.

💗🐢With Love

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