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Who are the Rainbow Children?

Updated: May 8, 2019

The Rainbow Children are the newest segment of Star Kids, or New Kids that have come to Earth to help humanity ascend.

Rainbow children are less known, and less common than Indigo and even Crystal children, because Rainbow children are almost all born after the year 2000. Born primarily to Crystal children who came as early as the 1980’s, Rainbow kids are from the ninth dimension of consciousness.

They're highly evolved and spiritually advanced souls who just like Crystal and Indigo children, are here to use their special skills and abilities to share and teach peace and harmony and to help raise the vibration for all of humanity.

Who Are the Rainbow Children?

To understand the Rainbow Children, let’s take a quick step back and look at who the New Kids are in general.

New kids are highly evolved souls who are incarnating on Earth with specific missions to help humanity return to love, and progress on the ascension path.

Indigo children arrived first and worked to break down barriers, Crystal children came next to lay a foundation and smooth the way. Rainbow children will use their strong wills to bring us closer to Divinity. As more Crystal children grow and start families, and as our collective vibration increases, Earth will see more Rainbow’s being born.

The most distinctive characteristic of Rainbow Children is that they are incarnating free from negative karma.

As a result, you’ll see that most Rainbows are born into loving and stable homes (most often being born to Crystal adults), as opposed to entering into dysfunctional homes where there might be lessons to learn or hardships to overcome.

Rainbow’s are more spiritually evolved that most people on the planet, and some are even spiritual avatars who have come to guide us forward.

As their name implies, these children have a strong connection to color.  They are drawn to vibrant hues and often relate to the world through color.  You’ll notice their clothes are always colorful and they are highly energetic and highly creative, expressing themselves through color. These fearless kids have complete trust in their intuitive abilities and spread unconditional love to everyone.

Their masculine and feminine energies are perfectly balanced and you’ll notice a well grounded sense of confidence within them.  Rainbow’s are quite magical with strong psychic powers and move through life giving and receiving joy rather than navigating based on impulse or desire. Whatever love and positive energy they receive will be magnified and reflected back out into the world

It’s impossible to miss the Divinity radiating out from their enormous, deep, and loving eyes.

Traits of Rainbow Children

• Fearless • Focused on service to other beings • Completely trusting • Large eyes • Bright smiles • High energy or hyperactive • Incredibly strong willed with large and extroverted personality • Creative and able to manifest their needs almost instantaneously. • Attuned to color and color vibration • Passionate about almost everything in their lives • They wear bright and colorful clothing and prefer environments, like their bedrooms, to be bursting with color • High enthusiasm for everything they encounter • They have healing abilities that work similarly to Reiki, pranic healing, and Qi Gong • Telepathic abilities • Can be quiet and non-verbal like their Crystal parents • Easily able to express their wants and needs from a young age • They have a personal power that is easy to sense and difficult to resist • Potentially misunderstood as stubborn • Open hearted • Love unconditionally and are universally affectionate

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