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A gift came into my life. Katie. There are those who come into our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime. The moment I spoke to Katie I knew that there was a reason we met and shortly after I knew that it was going to be a life long connection. 

I was so impressed with Katie’s mission and wanted to be a part of it. 

I was diagnosed nine years ago with Fibromyalgia. At first I thought it was the end of the world. I did my research and read somewhere that owning a dog could help calm the nervous system and therefore decrease the symptoms of Fibromyalgia. My testimony is that six months after having my Golden Doodle Sailor, who became my service dog, I noticed that my pain was gone! I was able to get off of all my medications and I have been living a very happy, healthy and pain free life thanks to the chemical oxytocin that I get from petting, being near and caring for an animal. When Katie told me about her therapy donkeys it filled my heart with joy to know that she was out there giving the same healing with her animals as I was getting from Sailor. I am living proof of the magical connection between people and animals. 


I am an accomplished singer, musician and artist. My calling has always been to make a positive difference in people’s lives. I decided to combine my musical and artistic abilities with fundraising. It has been a wonderful journey to have been able to gather musicians and artists who showed up to support my fundraisers. I look forward to being able to do the same for 

Amitola Care Farm.  

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Founder & CEO

I founded No Rain, No Rainbows five years ago in the U.K, the name was inspired from a plaque that was gifted to mark the end of along period of adversity.   These experiences inspired me to share self love learnings with women and children whose lives had been impacted by trauma, particularly abuse, grief and loss.



I have always felt a strong connection to animals and have experienced first hand their healing qualities.  My love of animals inspired me to eat a plant based diet and more recently inspired the launch of Amitola Care Farm; a safe, nurturing, caring space for healing with animals, for women and children who have experienced some kind of trauma, grief or loss,  to connect with animals in nature and most importantly, themselves. 

I moved to America nearly four years ago to marry my Husband, Johnny.  It has been quite the adventure and continues to be, with the building of Amitola Care Farm and our growing family of animals that bring much love and joy to our lives and others.

I am a licensed and accredited Heal Your Life Coach and Teacher Trainer,  Certified Emotional Freedom Tapping (E.F.T) Practitioner, Ambassador/Regional Co-ordinator for Project Happiness, Rainbows Facilitator, and currently training with Pet Partners to become a Amitola Care Farm Therapy Team with our 6 Miniature Donkeys and Therapy Dogs.



Strategy Director

I joined Amitola Care Farm with a desire to work with a mission driven organization again having previously trained as a volunteer several years ago for Victim Support. After witnessing the difference the organization made to a friend following a traumatic time in her life, I was inspired to do more than just work in the business world. 


A keen lover of animals, all of my pets   have been rescues; I know how beneficial and calming they can be and also the confidence they can help bring to someone in need. 

I live with my husband and our three furry friends; Elvis, Ernie and now there is a new addition Purdy; she joined as a foster and is now a permanent resident.

My work background is in hospitality building successful high performing teams built on trust, support and integrity. Currently I am the Strategy and Implementation Director for Greene King and have been instrumental in building and leading change programs across large scale projects including process change,  innovation and communication.




The human soul is worth fighting for.  It is the part of us that feels, that has compassion, creativity and connection to the living reality of the body and the natural world.  The human soul wants to thrive.  The only world it knows to be true, is love.

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