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"No Rain, No rainbows," provides programs and coaching that promote the development of self-worth in women and children.


What types of people do the Love Yourself, Heal Your Life program and where?


Since our first Love Yourself, Heal Your Life program, we have welcomed participants ranging in age from 17 to 76. 


Is the Love Yourself, Heal Your life program a confidential process?

The Love Yourself, Heal Your Life program is 100% confidential.  Participants are contained in completely safe and confidential surroundings to share and expose their deep feelings and intimate aspects of their history.  A confidentiality commitment is made by all participants and staff at the beginning of the process.   


Who will help support the group?

We would encourage at least one member of the team to attend the program to support the participants and to create a strong presence of love and safety. Staff that have attended have always benefited greatly through their participation in the Love Yourself, Heal Your Life program.


Will I feel any pressure to hold a particular spiritual worldview?  

Absolutely not.  The program is for people from all walks of life, religious faiths, and spiritual paths.  There is no agenda to change anyone’s religious faith.  


Why do people choose to do the Love Yourself, Heal Your Life program?

People choose to do the Heal Your Life program for many reasons.  In general, people that attend want to expand their inner selves, something inside them feels they are not living their lives to the fullest potential.  Often people attending come with a sense of unhappiness, loneliness, anxiety, depression, addiction, relationship or family issues, low self worth, loss of passion and with it a willingness to open up and learn ways to connect with themselves and the world around them more, so they can move on. 


What will I get out of attending the group?

In the Love Yourself, Heal Your Life program, you receive tools that you can apply to your daily life that will help you to have a more loving, kinder, connection with yourself.  Participants often leave Heal Your Life program with a newfound sense of self worth and self love, and a new found confidence in their future.  It is common for graduates to make a deep commitment to their life, with an improved sense of emotional intelligence along with compassion for yourself and others.

Who is the leader and facilitator?

Love Yourself, Heal Your Life program are run by Katie, highly skilled, certified and licensed Louise Hay coach and program facilitator.  Katie has also studied and certified in a range of holistic therapies, particularly those useful for helping heal people who have suffered trauma and abuse.


How many participants are there in the process?

The normal size of a group is 10-24 participants, with a course leader and a dedicated assistant for every 10-12 people.  Both course leader and dedicated assistant hold a loving presence of compassion support to provide a safe environment.  


I am under treatment for a psychiatric disorder.  Can I participate?

In general we don’t accept people that are under psychiatric treatment or on medication for psychiatric reasons, except when they are cleared and recommended for participation by their doctor.


After the Love Yourself, Heal Your Life 2 day intensive or 10 week program are there any further advanced program, on-line support groups or one to one sessions?  How can I stay involved? 

Yes, there are follow up refresher groups and one to one private sessions that will be available to you.    Often people stay connected in our on-line community.  

boho journal and mug setup with sage cry
sacred crystal healing strength monument
Reiki Treatment
Heart Shape Tattoo
boho journal and mug setup with sage cry
sacred crystal healing strength monument
Reiki Treatment
Heart Shape Tattoo