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Reiki Treatment
Mystical Altar Candles


I'm excited to offer these wonderful treatments to you. Come with me on a journey, relax and have some precious time for you, enjoy the warmth of the Infra red professional heat mat against tired muscles, and enjoy the many benefits these treatments have to offer.

What if there is a way to look more youthful, plump up skin, reduce signs of aging, blemishes, wrinkles, dull or uneven complexion, sunspots and fine lines to the face without causing trauma or applying chemicals to your skin?  

What if you could achieve results in a natural way that also helps to relax, calm and rejuvenate you, utilizing essential oils, tuning forks, color lights and precious gemstones?  

Imagine experiencing a natural facial rejuvenation with the power of harmonizing, simple tools,

that helps to balance your inner beauty with a non-invasive, self-care technique that is inexpensive and effective. 

This treatment will lead you to a deeper understanding of how your outward appearance is connected to your inner harmony.

I'm honored to have been personally trained and certified by Dr. Christi Bonds-Garrett at the launch of, 'Facial Beauty Harmonics!' in Paducah.  Dr. Christi Bonds-Garrett is a MD, Chinese medicine doctor and the founder of AromaSounds. 

This truly is “beauty from the inside out!”

Working through deep levels of the skin on our face, brings out many levels of emotional release and the side effect is less wrinkles and blemishes. What music to our ears!


Dr. Christi Bonds-Garrett is a MD, Chinese medicine doctor and the founder of AromaSounds.

The tuning forks are applied to ancient Chinese acupuncture points bringing together multiple healing modalities, to move Qi (life force energy) and to help improve health and body balance. The oils continue to work for several days as balancing and realignment takes place.


The technique can help to tone skin, reduce blemishes, wrinkles, sunspots, fine lines, and will help to relax, calm and rejuvenate.


BEST is 2-3 times/week

GOOD is once per week

OKAY is once per month


Individual treatment 

Block booking of 4 x 60 min $60 per session ($240)

Block booking of 8 x 60 min $55 per session ($220)

Facial Beauty Harmonics
Reiki Treatment
Mystical Altar Candles
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